The Aquatronica Power Bar is a control and power supply unit.
The control unit is the electronic part of the system at which all sensors, interfaces and other Aquatronica accessories can be connected. At the same place there are also 2 connectors for direct connection of the temperature and level sensors.

The power supply unit is the area of the system at which aquarium equipment can be connected, such as Flow pumps, skimmers, filters, pumps, etc.

Thus, through the various sensors and interfaces, can the Aquatronica Power Bar control in ON/ OFF mode, all devices that will be connected to the 6 Schuko sockets 220V / 230V.
Each power supply unit tolerates a maximum load of 16 amps which can be used on a single output or split on different outputs. This feature allows simultaneous control of heavy load devices such as heaters, chillers, etc …

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