Aquatronica Touch Controller BASIC Kit EU


The Aquatronica Touch Controller BASIC Kit allows the management of one or more fresh or seawateraquariums. The Touch Controller is an innovative control unit with a elegant 7 “touch screen. With its large, simple interface, user-friendly and intuitive touch screen, the Touch Controller allows the user to easily check the chemical parameters of his aquarium, easily establish programs to control connected devices (for example, pumps, heaters, etc.). The Touch Controller can be connected to the Internet, via a built-in LAN module or a compatible Wifi key (sold separately), which allows its remote access by Smartphone, tablet or PC, via an Internet browser (the system is compatible with Windows ™ and Apple ™). The Touch Controller can also automatically send alerts by e-mail if you have trouble with an aquarium and allow the aquarist to access remotely to see what is happening and possibly correct the problem. The Touch Controller has two USB ports and an SD card reader. It is also compatible with all Aquatronica products, modules, interfaces and accessories. The Aquatronica Touch controller BASIC Kit includes: 1 Touch Controller with a 7 “touch screen1 block with 6 controllable Schuko plugs1 probe and 1 level interface1 probe and 1 interface for pH1 Temperature probe.

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